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current and upcoming fundraisers April 27, 2011

The season is just beginning, so please check back and fundraising and volunteer opportunities will be added throughout the summer.

Ways you can help:

1. Visit my fundraising page at to make a secure, tax deductible donation via credit card.

2. Macy’s Shop for A Cause – Saturday 8/25 – Tickets are only $5 and give you 25% off storewide! 100% of the ticket price goes to the Leukemia Society. Any donation of $5 or more will get you one of these for free – I’ll email you the pass right away! They can be used at any Macy’s nationwide. For more details, click here.

3. COIN STAR! If you’ve got change lying around, take it to any coinstar machine and you can donate it to the Leukemia Society! Just select “donate” and you should see a listing of charities. Send me your receipt and I get credit for your donation! I’m cleaning out my change jar right now! All those random pennies add up… Details and coinstar machine locations can be found by clicking here.

4. Volunteering your time – The Leukemia Society can use your help at various races and events around the state. If you can give an hour or two of your time, you’ll receive “credit” towards my fundraising! It’s a great way to participate in making a difference. Let me know if you’d like to help and I will keep you in the loop on current openings.

5. Do you have a business? If you have your own business or know someone who does, you can help with donations of raffle items, or perhaps a portion of your proceeds to support the Leukemia Society. If you’d like to get together your employees to help host an event (car wash, concert, zippys chili tickets – you name it!) I can help and I’d love your support for this cause.

Leukemia research is actually leading to breakthroughs with other forms of cancer as well, which is part of the reason that I am so passionate about this cause. Every mile I run, every dollar we raise, we are all moving closer to a cure for cancer, the ultimate finish line!

Thank you so much for your continued support!

Much aloha,
Malia =)


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  1. […] current and upcoming fundraisers   […]

  2. […] current and upcoming fundraisers   […]

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