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honolulu marathon and TNT August 4, 2010

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yesterday i made the decision NOT to do the honolulu marathon with team in training this year. i signed up with a local training group called team jet instead, so that more of the money i raise through my campaigns this year will go directly to the leukemia & lymphoma society.

a little background information: any charity that does fundraising is spending money to earn money for its cause and the leukemia society is no exception. what i love about the leukemia society’s team in training program is that it puts together extraordinary people with a great cause – blood cancer research, awareness, and support. researchers in the area of blood cancers also are frequently able to make progress towards curing other types of cancer as well. so in my small way, this is my way of trying to help to find a way to stop cancer from taking more lives – not just leukemia, but all forms of cancer.

when you sign up for the team in training, you commit to raising an amount for the charity (called your “fundraising minimum”) and also pledging to complete an endurance event (like a marathon, triathalon, etc.) minimums are calculated so that at least 75% of the funds raised go directly to the charity. the other 25% goes to support needed to help participants reach these goals. team in training provides us with support to make it possible – coaches to help train us for the events, support in fundraising, and a community of other team members who are committed to raising these funds. i think it’s a wonderful way to encourage people who have the will to do something like run a marathon to use that momentum for a good cause. and it’s so smart because it gives you multiple goals that are intertwined, with the reward of knowing you will be crossing the finish line at your goal race once your hard work (in both training & fundraising) is done. this is the reason i’ve participated with TNT for five years now. i’ve lost track, but i believe i’ve been able to raise over $15,000 for the cause.

in the past, i’ve often done both honolulu marathon as well as the nike women’s marathon with team in training, combining my event “fundraising minimums” and then aiming way above them. this year my minimum for nike is $2550, and with a few donations pending, i’ve actually just crossed that threshhold! yipppeee! i was originally planning to do honolulu marathon with TNT as well, but i’ve decided to train on my own this year so that more of the money i raise will go directly to the charity – basically everything from this point on goes 100% to the leukemia society.

having reached my minimum, i could just stop here. people sometimes wonder why i don’t because putting together these events can definitely be stressful. but i really do believe that if you CAN make a difference in the world, you SHOULD do whatever you can… even though it’s rough in this economy, i’m trying to get creative to give people more FUN ways to be able to support what i believe is a good cause. even if you don’t believe in this charity yourself, or don’t know much about it, i hope that supporting my cause can be a way for others to do good in the world too… For anyone who has lost a loved one to cancer (any form!) i really believe that we are making a difference by helping to raise this money now. So THANK YOU for your support – we are ALL running for a cure. =)


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