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Ravenchase Quest for a Cure! August 16, 2010

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this saturday we held our fundraiser with ravenchase and it was a blast!!! not only did we end up with 9 teams and close to 40 players, we raised over $500 for the leukemia society! and the best part: it was FUN!!!!!

our first clue arrived by email at 1am friday morning and it was DIFFICULT!! in order to solve it, you needed to first know what a vigenere cipher is, then solve the RIDDLE to figure out the KEY to apply to the CODE listed on the clue! if you decoded it correctly, it revealed our starting location, which was across from aloha tower!!

when we arrived, i tried to greet as many of the teams and players as i could and to tell them a little about the leukemia society. it was a great group! once we all sorted out teams and team names (my group of 5 was called “the ravenchase mavens”) we gathered around for instructions.

we broke up into our teams and opened the backpacks we’d been given to see what items we’d be using to solve the clues. continuing with the poker theme of our starter clue, our bag contained a deck of cards, a cut out heart, an infrared flashlight, and a lighter! hidden in a secret pocket was also a binary decoder! (ok you can see my inner nerd getting excited here! haha…)

we pulled out our treasure map and got to work!

we were given six clues and two bonus clues which required us to run around various locations in downtown, including the capitol building, hawaii theater, an irish pub, and more. the clues were extremely detailed and difficult to crack. for this one, once we finally decoded the message “heat crib”, we realized we needed to use the lighter we’d been given to pass over the clue. when we did that, all of the letters and numbers disappeared except for a phone number which gave us the answer!! so crazy!

along the route we were also told to look for random poker chips that were hidden along the way (we found two!) and secret agents who could help us! christina actually found a secret agent but we later realized that we hadn’t asked him the right questions, shucks! lol…

we all were told to make it back to gordon biersch at a specific time and any late minutes would be points deducted. as the time ticked down we rushed to our last clue, and solved it quickly to get back to the end on time. at the finish line, we gathered for a much deserved drink and waited for the points to be tallied!

in the end, the ravenchase mavens solved all but one of the bonus clues, and it was enough to give us second place!! we were so proud of ourselves! our trophy: a silver spray painted jester! hahaha… (first place was a potty training toilet filled with candy and spray painted gold!!) so classic.

i’d highly recommend ravenchase to anyone who’s interested! they were awesome with our fundraiser, and they also do public events (including holiday themed ones, like halloween, st patty’s day, and new years), private parties, and corporate team building… for $35 a player, it’s totally worth it and i can’t wait for their next event!

thanks to all who participated, to those who donated prizes for us to raffle at the end, and to the awesome staff at ravenchase. what a great event for a great cause! MAHALO!!


honolulu marathon and TNT August 4, 2010

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yesterday i made the decision NOT to do the honolulu marathon with team in training this year. i signed up with a local training group called team jet instead, so that more of the money i raise through my campaigns this year will go directly to the leukemia & lymphoma society.

a little background information: any charity that does fundraising is spending money to earn money for its cause and the leukemia society is no exception. what i love about the leukemia society’s team in training program is that it puts together extraordinary people with a great cause – blood cancer research, awareness, and support. researchers in the area of blood cancers also are frequently able to make progress towards curing other types of cancer as well. so in my small way, this is my way of trying to help to find a way to stop cancer from taking more lives – not just leukemia, but all forms of cancer.