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Results are in from the CPK fundraiser! July 25, 2010

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Just got the call from the manager of the CPK where we held our fundraiser… We raised about $200 for the Leukemia Society that night! A big mahalo to those who came out or ordered in to support the cause!

I’m waiting for about $125 in donations by check to show up in my account, so once that and the CPK fundraiser show up, I’m happy to report that I’ll have crossed the halfway mark towards my goal of $5,000 for the Leukemia Society this season!

I’m still hard at work on my last 2 fundraisers which are coming up in August. We have a da vinci code-style treasure hunt by Ravenchase thru downtown Honolulu on August 14th. $35 per player and you can sign up by clicking here and scrolling down til you see “Quest for the Cure” under west coast events. You won’t know the starting location til you sign up because they send you your first clue by email! Fun! =)

My final fundraiser (the big one!) is my wine tasting fundraiser at Wine the Experience on Wednesday, August 25th from 6pm-9pm. I’ve sold about half my tickets so far, so if you are interested, please RSVP by clicking here. It’s going to be a fun night and I have new raffle prizes being added all the time!

Training has been going great – yesterday we did an extremely hilly 8 mile run starting at Koko Head Park, around through Hawaii Kai out to Sandy Beach, then up the winding road past Hanauma Bay on our way back to the start… Thank goodness for my teammates pushing me, I couldn’t have done it on my own.

Mahalo for all your support!! =)


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