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week 7 – into the double digit runs! July 10, 2010

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first of all, a HUGE mahalo to everyone who came out to support the Leukemia Society this past tuesday at CPK. i think we had a pretty great turnout, and although i won’t have the final results for a couple of weeks, i’m so happy with how it turned out. i ate CPK at the office with brit for lunch (and discovered a new favorite pizza!) and then met up with a bunch of other TNT friends for dinner! even if we had raised zero dollars, it was such a fun, easy, and delicious event that i think it’s definitely going on the list for next year!

this week i also received a few more donations, including one all the way from PERU! (hola patty!) we’ve crossed the milestone of being one-third of the way to my goal of $5,000 and as of this morning i have in $1690!  thank you so much for your support, i truly could not do this without you.

knowing that i’ve got people who’ve chipped in to support me is a huge part of what gives me the motivation to get out of bed so early on a saturday morning in order to head out to the opposite side of the island for a 10 mile run. so when i say i can’t do this without you guys, i truly mean it. i also couldn’t have dragged my butt there today if it wasn’t for mike yuda who came to pick me up and jasmine who came along for the run. =) today we started at kualoa park (with a group photo in front of chinaman’s hat – so pretty!) and did a 10 mile run out into kahana valley and back. it was my first time getting into the double digits this year!

i’ve been running with mike y, who is actually training for the full nike marathon and i’ve been toying with the idea of switching from the half to the full. we’ll see how training goes, but i figure if i train with him then i’ll be ready if i DO decide to switch, and if not then 13.1 miles will be a piece of cake. =) this morning we really pushed it in the last 3 miles and i could feel my knee tightening up, so i’m taking it easy right now and i’ve got some ice on it and the foam roller handy… we ran this ten miler a little faster than the pace for a 4:45 marathon which would be almost a full hour better than last year for me! it really, really makes all the difference when you find a training partner who runs at a good pace!

we also got great news today at practice. taui, our honored teammate got a clean bill of health from her doctor this week so she is celebrating 11 months cancer free!! sooooo awesome, and this really puts into perspective what we’re all here for. the girl is so tough – she also did her longest run EVER today, so i know she is going to be so ready for the half marathon. go taui!!


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