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keeping the memory alive June 25, 2010

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look what arrived in the mail yesterday!!

my friend adrienne who owns frolick jewelry designed a necklace for me to wear – each charm represents someone who has fought leukemia and who has inspired me.

the leaf is for the grandmother of two of my best friends. she was an avid gardener and i thought a leaf was a fitting charm for her. the green stone is for my great aunt elsie – mom told me that her favorite color was green. the red stone reminds me of my friend john kark and his fighting spirit. he passed away in april, but the chicago fight club lives on in his memory. the “M” is for maddie komatsu, who’s the bravest little girl i know. actually, she’s not so little anymore, but reading her struggles as she battled leukemia really have kept me strong throughout my training.

i love it, thanks adrienne! can’t wait to see you in october! =)


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