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Adventures on Maui June 21, 2010

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This weekend I came home to Maui to hold a benefit garage sale for the Leukemia Society. A huge mahalo to those who donated items (including mom, who worked on cleaning out her storage unit!) and those who showed up to help – Matt, Kelsey, Daniel, Todd, and my dad… It was an unusually slow day for us, but we were able to raise $100 for the Leukemia Society and I made sure to let people know what good their purchases were doing. One woman shared that her father had passed away from Lymphoma, and many others had stories of family or friends affected by other forms of cancer. So even if we didn’t raise as much as I hoped, I know we were able to spread awareness and to lift people’s spirits – it even pulled a couple of people out of “hard bargaining” mode and I did get a few who said “keep the change”… I definitely consider it a success.

Since I missed out on Saturday’s normal long run with the team, I asked my dad if he’d want to go on a long run for father’s day morning with me. He planned out a (REALLY HILLY!) run through makawao/haiku and we put in about 6 or 7 miles-ish. It was a nice father-daughter run, with lots of random things to look at along the way. My dad pointed out the places he used to swim, the yard where he got bit by a pit bull, the area where he and my brother cut down a guava branch to fashion into a sword. We also saw tons of guava bushes, six nene birds, and tons of goats… Definitely felt like Maui! As we ran down Kokomo road, it got us hungry for Fukushima’s hot dogs, so later we got my brother to come along with us. What a delicious father’s day…

fukushima store in haiku

fukushima’s is so “mom & pop”, you gotta love a hand drawn sign like this for father’s day…

but here’s the good stuff that we really came for… it’s such simple food but somehow tastes SO GOOD… especially when washed down with POG!

With the $100 from the garage sale, along with recent donations on the website (just waiting for the $150 from Hibiscus half to show up!) I’ll be up to $1370 so far… My next big fundraiser is CPK day on Tuesday, July 6th, so get ready for some pizza everyone!

As always, please visit to make a donation or click on “current and upcoming fundraisers” at the top of this page to see other ways you can help. MAHALO for your support!! =)


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