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week 2 – triangle park June 5, 2010

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today our training run began at triangle park, on the other side of diamond head where it borders kahala… i like training on this route because it reminds me of the honolulu marathon – part of the run goes by the “mile 25ish” hill that leads up to the surf lookouts… sooo many painful moments along that part of the course! i remember one year (i think ’07?) when i had walked from mile 6 because of my IT band injury and when we got to the bottom of that hill, i broke down in tears! but then there was also last year when karlee and i were in great shape by that point, so much so that we stopped off for beers from a random keg on the side of the road!!

today we had the option of running 4, 5, or 7 miles and i had planned to do about 6, maybe 7 depending on how i was feeling. i started off doing walk/run intervals with a couple of my teammates, but by the time we got to the gas station out it kahala i felt like i could push a little harder. after challenging myself to catch up to two of my other teammates who were already turning into the park for our finish, i decided to keep going up that “heartbreak hill” since i was feeling good.

sometimes i think it helps when you are having a good day to challenge yourself, and if possible one of the best ways to do it is to run on the course that you will be racing. to be finishing a 6 mile run strong at the point where we’d be at mile 25 of the honolulu is a little mental trick, because i know when i get there on race day and i’m hurting, i can look back on how my legs felt running today and to try to channel that strength again. we all have good days and bad days, so on a good day like today, i like to really soak it in and store up that feeling for later when i need it!

we all find these little tricks along the way, because you realize that running a marathon takes just as much (if not more) mental strength than physical…

here’s an amazing story my brother sent me… my running inspiration for the day!


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  1. that is sooo true!! good on your girl! as with anything, willpower can overcome anything! great job, and i hope to be where you’re at someday! =) keep running!

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