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live for today May 13, 2010

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sometimes i think that people (myself included!) forget that the money we are raising in campaigns like this one are not only for those who are dying each day of blood cancers, but also for those who are LIVING and fighting that battle day by day. yes, finding a cure for cancer is the ultimate goal, but a lot of the research being done by the leukemia society and other organizations is also to help patients with blood cancers to live longer, more comfortable lives.

just the other day, i got to meet a friend of a friend here in honolulu who is fighting a type of leukemia which is pretty rare in adults called ALL. i’m trying to help her connect with a program run by the leukemia society called first connection. this program matches up survivors with those who are newly diagnosed – it’s a way for them to share experiences and get answers to the questions that come up when you are faced with such a life-changing diagnosis.

you may only have a vague idea of where the money you are giving goes, but please know that i believe in this organization and the programs they fund. i’ve met many amazing survivors through my work with the leukemia society, and i’ve heard through their own words what a difference we are making.

if you’d like to help, please visit my website at if you have questions or maybe an idea for how to collaborate on a fundraiser, please email me at some businesses in the past have donated a portion of sales to our charity, i’ve helped drive traffic to events, we’ve had garage sales, movie nights, and more… i can use all the help i can get to make my goal of $5,000 this year. THANK YOU for your support!! =)


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