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why do you run? April 16, 2010

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there are so many different factors that can motivate a person to run. in fact, today i came across an article detailing how men and women find different reasons for running, which i think is very true. (men run more for competition, women run more for the experience, which is why i love the nike women’s marathon so much).

personally, i first became interested in running by watching my dad. he was completing his 8th consecutive honolulu marathon, and as i stood on the sidelines, i got the first inkling of “hey, maybe i could do that too…”

so that was the spark, but the motivation to continue all the training and to go through the whole process of getting to my first (and subsequent) starting lines has come from deeper within for me… part of the reason that i run is that i’ve found that it is a way that i can do good by doing so. by participating with the leukemia and lymphoma society’s team in training program, i’ve been able to see first hand what a difference you can make by raising cancer awareness one mile at a time.

my second year with team in training, i was lucky enough to meet john kark, who had battled hodgkin’s lymphoma back in 2000. he always encouraged me to continue doing what i was doing, and even recruited friends in his hometown of chicago to join in marathons as well. together, we run for a cure.

i’ve been so fortunate to have had john as a friend in my life these past few years. he’s been a huge inspiration for me and so many others… it’s with great sadness that i report that he passed away last saturday after a good hard fight with leukemia – leave it to john to go two full rounds and still keep up the positive attitude… he was truly the most positive, genuine, and inspiring person that i’ve ever known. although we never had the chance to meet in person, i feel that his strength will continue to give me strength, and it is for him (and so many like him) that i will continue to help to raise money for cancer research…

this year i am dedicating my season to john, and my first event will be the nike women’s half marathon this october. to keep things going, i’ll also be signing up for either the honolulu marathon, or possibly a new event next year. we will see…

so many reasons to run, and so many ways to make a difference for those who are battling cancer… if you’re interested in team in training, please let me know. the nike women’s marathon training group usually starts in may or june, so come on down to an info session! =)