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John Kark – Better Than Expected November 12, 2009

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The latest from my friend John… (Sorry I’m a few days late!) Also, since he posted this update the results came back from the Mayo clinic: he is 100% cancer free right now!! YAYYYYYYYY John!!!! =)

A lot of people have been asking me how things are going so I thought I would write a quick update. It has been about a month since I got out of the hospital and things are going better than expected. I am recovering faster than they see most patients recover with my situation and have been very active. I have my aches and pains, but nothing to complain about in comparison to earlier this summer. I have been doing a lot of hiking with my dog Otto and we are going on our first hunt of the season this Sunday.

I continue to visit the hospital every week for blood draws and testing. My blood counts were heading in the wrong direction a few weeks ago so they performed a bone marrow tap last week to see if the cancer was returning. The preliminary results came back showing no sign of cancer once again. They sent samples of my bone barrow to Mayo clinic for further testing. One test is to determine if there is any indication of cancer based on a chromosomal level. The other test is to measure the percentage of my stem cells still left in my body versus my brothers. The hope is that all of my stem cells are gone and my brothers remain. They expect those tests to come back with good results based on everything else.

I am still on a lot of medications but they are cutting down on the dosage as the weeks go by. I am experiencing some (GVHD) Graft Versus Host Disease. A rebel detachment of my brothers stem cells have decided to attack my eyes making it feel like I have pink eye. I called him yesterday and told him to radio his troops and tell them to lay off the friendly fire….so I expect things to clear up soon.

I have built back enough strength to where I feel that I am ready to walk back into the boxing gym and start moving around and throwing some punches. There is no better place to acquire the attitude that it takes to fight the challenges that life presents you. It is like a church. Round after round of hitting the bags can be therapeutic and reminds you that you can always fight back no matter what the situation.

Thank you all for your continued support, positive thoughts and encouraging words. Everyone’s encouragement has definitely helped me maintain my attitude throughout this fight. Put on whatever attitude it takes to face life’s challenges and appreciate every one of your days. Today, I am putting on the gloves and going to church.

– Kark


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  1. christy Says:

    wow. that’s awesome 🙂

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