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Festival of Giving Results and Training updates November 9, 2009

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Just wanted to take a quick moment to thank those who purchased Festival of Giving Tickets for Ward Centers over the weekend! I was able to sell a total of 15 tickets, which equals $150 in donations to the Leukemia Society! Alicia and I worked at the free gift wrapping booth on Friday to kick off the event and although it seemed like most people already had purchased tickets, we did get a few people interested and were able to tell a little bit about LLS and TNT. It was a fun event. =) I’m now only $325 away from my goal of $4,000!! If you’d like to make a donation to help me inch closer, please click here.


ashley, karlee and i in the middle of 13 miles on a beautiful saturday!

Training has been going well! Last weekend Karlee and I got a suprise visit from Coach Julie, who did our 14 miler with us, and provided mimosas at the end!! (What a great coach, right??) Not to mention that she was racing the following day in the Val Nolasco half marathon! She’s awesome!! =) This week we’re doing 16 and next week will be the longest run of the season – 18 or 20 (depending on how this week goes)… after that we start taper. Tapering down your mileage is important to allow your muscles to recover from the hardest training and to rest up for the marathon itself… Less than 5 weeks to go already, thank you for your continued support!


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