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nike women’s marathon 2009 October 19, 2009

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you can just feeeeeeel the excitement at the starting line of the nike women’s marathon… 20,000+ women all lined up to race for a cure (and the blue tiffany boxes at the finish line) – it’s a race like no other. this was my fourth year and i loved every minute of it!

here’s our little part of “team hawaii” at the starting line, shivering even in our excitement, just waiting for the countdown to begin… (sorry, you might want to turn down the volume! oops!)

karlee and i got our new ipods engraved with “run like a girl!” at the expo… we ran together (you guessed it, like girls!) til the full/half marathon split at mile 11. it was bittersweet knowing that i was just a couple of miles from the finish but that karlee still had another half marathon to go! maybe next year i’ll try to keep her company for the full!

but i knew that she was in good hands with coaches julie & mike. these two are amazing – they ran with us from the big hill at mile 6 all the way to the end!

i can say for certain that i wouldn’t have been able to run the whole thing without the coaches and leah and karlee running with me. julie truly finds the “yay!” in anything – a dog, the sky, a house, whatever – and it’s contagious. even when there were times that i thought about walking, especially on the hills, i looked around at the other four and just knew i couldn’t stop.

leah, karlee and i at mile 10 before the long downhill to golden gate park

after we left karlee at the split, mike, leah and i continued on through the park to the half marathon finish. we still had lots of energy left so at the final stretch mike turned back to catch up with other team members while leah and i sprinted to the finish. it was the best feeling knowing that we’d really run the whole thing! i’ve always done walk/run intervals for distances, but this season the team really helped me to get to the point where i was able to just keep running, even up those famous hills! i’m so proud of our team!!

when most of the half marathoners were in, we all started taking care of business – getting changed, icing aching knees or joints, and of course putting on our finisher’s shirts and “run like a girl!” pendants from tiffany’s. i was too focused on making it through the line so we missed getting a finish line photo with one of the tuxedo-ed firemen.

…. so of course i snagged one as he was walking by and asked if he’d take a photo with our group. he was nice enough to say yes, but then he got stuck with a line of other women asking for pictures too! haha. oops!

when it was time to head back to the finish line to watch for karlee to finish, marisa and leah came with me and waited it out in the chilly san francisco air. the weather was actually rather warm this year, but with the breeze coming off the bay, it does get cold once you stop running! we danced around in the music at the finish and watched as the runners came in. there was even a marriage proposal! and a few minutes later, in came karlee with mike and julie on either side! wooo hoooo, the whole team made it!

everyone did such a great job this entire season! the race raised over $14 million for the leukemia society (over $92 miles total in the past 6 years)… i’ll be back next year for sure!

thanks again for all your support this year… next up is honolulu marathon – less than 2 months to go! i’m just $550 away from my goal of $4,000 for the season, so if you’d like to help by making a donation feel free to do so here! And if you’d like to see all of the pictures from the trip, click here. =)


2 Responses to “nike women’s marathon 2009”

  1. christy Says:

    awww. on many levels. i can feel your happiness in this blog. great job both on the run and the fundraising! and hey, i know karlee. i went to msw school with her

  2. Brianne Says:

    you are freaking awesome malia, and I must say looking rather hotness, even after a marathon. =) I’m so proud of you!

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