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one week to go! October 11, 2009

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last week in hawaii kai we found a box of starfruit next to someone’s mailbox on lunalilo home road. we were (ok, i was) so excited because i love starfruit! we all picked up a few and carried them back with us for the last few miles. then at the end we took silly pictures with them.


i love my team – they make the long runs fun. i must say, our coaches are awesome. they pace us well and slowly creep up the speed so we don’t even notice! haha. yesterday we had our last group long run and finished with a breakfast potluck at the end (complete with mango mimosas – yummy!)

we’ve got one week to go until san francisco, but something tells me we’re all ready and that it’s going to be a blast! this has been my favorite season yet… san francisco here we come!

hawaii kai


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