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we’ve gone high tech! September 22, 2009

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this year at the nike women’s marathon, you have the option to sign up to track a runner live during the race via text message updates! how cool is that? i love it!

if you’re interested and don’t mind forking over $3, sign up here to receive 4-6 text messages on my split times while the race is in progress, plus a summary at the end! i guess i can’t lie about my time, huh?


hopefully i won’t need to be ashamed of my time this year though, as training has been going really well! over the past weekend i completed a 15 mile run with karlee, coach julie, coach mike, and alicia! for the first time i didn’t rely on the walk/run intervals that i’ve always trained with, and i was actually able to run consistently for the whole time! i’ve got until the end of october to decide whether i’m gonna sign up for the full honolulu marathon this year and i’m leaning towards doing it! we’ll see how san fran goes… =)


2 Responses to “we’ve gone high tech!”

  1. I’m doing Nike too.
    Just wanted to tell you that Honolulu was my first marathon, and I did it with TNT 2 years ago (2007)…I say do it! I think there’s just something awesome about saying “I ran the Honolulu Marathon.”

  2. marisachin Says:

    ^_^ Good job! Yay on running 15 miles! Looking forward to the Nike and debating doing the honolulu marathon. My brother is training and invited me to join him. I’m still debating too. ^_^

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