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john kark: almost there! July 20, 2009

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Joe Massow sent a message to the members of John Kark is going to kick cancer’s ass!!!


Hey everyone,
The end of the tunnel is near. Experimental chemo done today and the other will be done a couple of days later. Hopefully then everything is gone. The past couple of days has been rough on the guy. He had the the same thing happen this week as he did a couple of weeks ago. High fever(103), chills, and bone aches. He has been kinda out of it since Saturday night. He slept all day and night yesterday and most of the day today. Which is good because he needs sleep. He has only been sleeping a couple hours a night. All of these our the side effects of the chemo. But as my wife says the chemo is actually doing what it is supposed to do. Destroy everything. Last night it was pretty bad. They wanted again to move him to ICU, but he refused. He told them he would rather go home then stop the chemo. Thats the Johnny I know. The great Jim Valvano said it best “Don’t give up, Don’t ever give up!” I think that describes to the T our friend John. He doesn’t know the meaning of giving up. Never has. He pissed the doctors off, but he won. No ICU. His temp has dropped since then. Last time I texted him it was 101. As he said in his post ” John Kark is headed to the center of the ring” And so are all of us. He should have only a day or two more of hell and then hopefully smooth sailing the rest of the way. Its amazing to me how much fight this guy actually has and I know him best. I will have another report in a couple of days when I go up there on wednesday. It might be a short visit because even I don’t want to push him, plus I have to pick his laundry up. LOL. Until then I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the support he is receiving. I also want to thank everyone for respecting the no visitor rule. I know its hard and u all want to see him. I miss not seeing him myself. I went from seeing him 6 days a week to 2. But thats the price we have to pay if we want to keep him around a couple more years. After he is out we will have a big party at my house. Hell I will even cook a lamb. Love you all and I mean it!


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