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run like a girl… with no shoes? July 18, 2009

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my very first pair of running shoes was a pair of new balance stability shoes from the running room. i remember wishing they had them in a nicer color – they were a werid navy blue all around the toe box with silver and green accents and i hated the way they looked. it was when i stopped caring about the way they looked and started noticing the way they made me feel during and after a run that i realized i was hooked on running.

after my new balances wore out, i switched to brooks adrenalines. i think that that time they were adrenaline 4’s. i ran in the 5’s the following season for my second marathon, and 6’s the next year for the last one. i’m running in 7’s now, because i figured if they’re working for me why not keep going with the same brand right? but maybe they aren’t working for me. or at least something isn’t – i’ve injured my knee/IT band a couple of times, and in my last marathon (2007) i had to walk the last 20 of the 26.2 miles because my knee starteed to hurt at

a few weeks back, my dad (who runs in barefoot mimicking Nike Frees) sent me this article which talks about the history of the running shoe industry. and it starts out like this:

Runners wearing top-of-the-line trainers are 123 per cent more likely to get injured than runners in cheap ones.

woah! seriously? so these expensive shoes that i buy year after year could actually be HURTING me rather than helping me? in general, i think my shoes have made a huge difference in my running, and i can tell the difference when i’m in the wrong shoe – i tend to injure myself and figure out right away when it’s the wrong pair!

today, here’s another article about how your running form is affected by barefoot running. pretty interesting stuff. not enough to make me change my habits yet – old habits die hard, right? – but it’s something to think about…


2 Responses to “run like a girl… with no shoes?”

  1. ms. match Says:

    wow. i didn’t know that about shoes.

  2. marisachin Says:

    Interesting to know. I just bought Brooks Adrenaline 9. I hope that they work for me. So far, I like walking in them. I haven’t gone for a run in them yet. Trying to break them first.

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