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i’m back! June 29, 2009

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just got back from a 10 day trip to china which was amazing!! (you can see photos on my flickr page here.) but now i’m back and it’s time to get refocused on racing for a cure!

when i returned from my trip i had over 200 emails in my inbox, and sadly one of them was from a friend of mine who is a leukemia survivor. he first battled through stage 4 hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2000, and has been cancer free ever since. unfortunately, as a complication from the treatment he received then, he has now developed AML – acute myeloid leukemia. it’s apparently a very common result from the treatment that helped him beat cancer the first time, and i have no doubt that he’ll fight through it again this time. he has a great attitude, and is right now in the hospital on 24 hr chemo, and he will most likely have to remain there for at least 2 months. please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

watching him go through this once again reaffirms for me the reason that i am trying so hard to raise this money and to run this marathon. he asked me if i’d run a mile for him this year, but john i promise you 13.1 miles! if you’d like to help, please go to my donation page – any donation helps. someday we will find a cure and there will be no cancer!!

if you’re on facebook, please join john’s “fan club” here. this group was started as a show of support for john in his fight to “kick cancer’s ass!” go john!


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