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5am is SOOOOO early… June 6, 2009

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my alarm went off at 5am this morning and it felt like i had just gone to bed. my plan was to leave the house by 6 to make it to kailua by 6:30 to meet the team, and no i don’t really need a whole hour to get ready. i actually need about 10 minutes, but getting up earlier means i have time to be reasonably awake and alert for driving, grab a quick bagel for breakfast, and make sure i have a change of clothes, etc for the day. i sometimes get that kind of stuff ready the night before, but i’ve been so busy lately that i’m not very organized. gotta take things one day at a time! haha.

i also have been feeling a little under the weather this week but when i got to kailua beach park, it seems like half the team has a cold or flu, so i was really proud of all of us for getting up to make it to the session anyway. one of the girls on my team even flew over from maui just for our kick off session! (hi, marisa!)

i decided to try a run/walk since we were just doing lanikai loop (about 3 miles, 3.5 if you ask my nike plus sensor.) leilani loaned me her watch (see, i wasn’t organized enough to remember mine!) and i started us off with 4 min/1 min run/walk intervals as i set off with marisa and mary. we kept up a decent conversational pace, under 12 minutes/mile, which was good because i was planning to take it easy if i wasn’t feeling well, so i’m happy with how the run turned out. we eventually moved up to 5/1 intervals as well. it was nice to talk story a little bit and to get to know my team members as we have a lot of new faces this year! our new coaches are awesome too, and they led us in stretching as a group after (not before!) our workout. next week we get to do some core exercises and stretching after the run, and i’m looking forward to it cause we’ll be running at kapiolani park which is right in my backyard, yay! no 5am wakeup call for me next week. woo hoo!

you can check out the details from our run here. nope, i’m not the fastest runner in the bunch, but we kept up a steady pace and then walked to cool down towards the end. =)


One Response to “5am is SOOOOO early…”

  1. marisachin Says:

    Hi Malia! It was great meeting you! It was an awesome run and I’m glad that I came to Oahu for it.

    Hope you feel better!

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