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15 miles May 18, 2009

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ok, so running 15 miles a week is nothing compared to what i’ll need to build up to for the half marathon on october 18. but hey, it’s a lot more than i was doing a couple weeks ago and it’s a good start.

last week i ran every other day, a total of just over 15 miles. my favorite run is around diamond head (a little over 4 miles, includes lots of good hills, and beautiful views.) i was told the course for san francisco changed last year and that there weren’t as many hills but i haven’t checked it out yet. either way, i think its beneficial to train on hills, so diamond head is still going to be one of my primary training runs. i’m also thinking i might get out and try the loop around the ala wai since it’s another one that’s right in my backyard. sometimes a gal needs a change of scenery, right?

i’ve also been watching my diet, trying to drink more water and eating lots of fruits and veggies. last week i only ate out once during the week! both the jobs im working don’t have microwaves so it forces me to bring in lots of salads, sandwiches, and fruit to snack on, which is a good thing. i totally blew it over the weekend, culminating in huge meals at both shokudo and singha yesterday, but i think i ate healthily during the week enough to balance it out.

saturday at the farmers market i found some great deals – a huge head of local romaine lettuce for only $1, a beautiful canteloupe for $2, and i stocked up on some bell peppers, tomatoes, and herbs. not sure what i’m going to be making out of all of this, but i’ve definitely got some good stuff for salads during the work week, which will save me $ and keep me on track eating right.

tomorrow i’ll be at TNT’s first info session at 6pm at runner’s HI in aiea. i always love the kick off of the training season, and i’m really looking forward to being there! it’s gonna be a great week…


2 Responses to “15 miles”

  1. Mom Says:

    All sounds good!!

  2. ms. match Says:

    nice malia… one of these days i’m going to force myself to go running with you

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