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a new home May 10, 2009

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yesterday i moved for the sixth time in five months! whew. but the best part is that i’m RIGHT NEXT to kapiolani park, which is perfect for training! i’m just getting settled, but i’m hoping to make this my new home for the forseeable future, so i’m enjoying (as jess would call it) “nesting”.

you may have noticed that this blog also found a new home on blogspot was not as user-friendly as i’d hoped, and with a few minor kinks (i can’t get my nikeplus widget to show up in wordpress – no embeds allowed! boo!) things are getting settled here as well.

the training season begins june 6, so it’s time to start getting ready! woo hoo! thanks for joining me along the way…


2 Responses to “a new home”

  1. Mom Says:

    Way to go, Malia! Good luck!

  2. Jasmine Says:

    awesome, malia! =)

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